Declare it Monday

I am whole!

I am the bread of life, he who comes to me will never hunger and he who believes will never thirst. John 6:35

I vividly remember the moment God said this verse to me, well, I actually read it but it was as though God spoke directly into my heart. It was so clear. At that moment I realized I was chasing the wrong things. I was hungry, thirsty and desperate for more of the things that kept me hungry and thirsty for just that more.

When the Bible reads I am the bread of life and that believing and coming to the father would satisfy my hunger and thirst I was changed. It was a revelation of truth and my personal calling to share biblical truth with everyone in hopes they too feel the power of reclaiming our identity in Christ.

What are the two things a human needs to survive? Food and water. So bingo: God is our life source. What can you replace today with the word of God. I replaced feeling needed, feeling important and feeling as though I mattered to everyone else and I exchanged that need for the word of God.

Declare it, Wear it and Share it-Monday: I am whole! I am TRIO Collection:


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