Love. Love. ❤️

Unlock His Love

Love. Love. Love.

This word encompasses so much. Butterflies, passion, romance ( to name a few), but what about how our Father demonstrates love? The Bible reads He is Love. W.hoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8

That being said, how are you and I exhibiting love? Are we quick to forgive? Are we able to see their potential? Are you able to encourage, support and accept regardless of your feelings? Are you able to do this regardless of the other person deserves it?

That’s the love we should strive for, because we know God. That’s the love that is locked inside each of us but buried under past hurt, anger, disappointment, etc. Today and everyday you can unlock His Love. He lives inside you and He is Love. You know Him.

Declare. Wear. Share-I am Love! 1 John 5:8

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Turning moments of truth into mementos you can declare, wear and share.

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