Embrace your truth…

FREEDOM is waiting for you!

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free? Have you heard this before? I know that I have and for the longest time my heart had trouble fully comprehending this verse. Can you relate?

How can we feel free when the truth is painful? We live at times in dark avoiding the very pain we think is going to set us “free”. So, we ignore, postpone and turn a blind eye.

Have you ever thought this truth I speak of today is not a certain a circumstance, an outcome, or news?

This truth is inside you. God’s word is truth. When you make a decision to learn God’s truth, something so unexplainable happens. This may not be an over night revelation but your desire and your commitment to read the word of God will shed light on evety area of your life in a gentle and everlasting way. The way that is perfect for you. God is such a gentle God.

There are not perfect ways to describe this truth other than, take it from me or better yet, hear it, feel it and experience it for yourself. I’m here to help you, cheer you on, and inspire you.

Embrace your truth, FREEDOM is waiting for you!

Audrey jo-⚓️



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