Jo-niC Gifts Back



Recognizing the importance of giving back coupled with the vision that all would declare truth, the Jo-niC “Gifts Back” partnership program was established.

Jo-niC will partner with your ministry, charitable cause or event by offering the following three opportunities:

  1. Book Jo-niC for a speaking engagement to encourage, empower and share the power of God. I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you, and that my name be proclaimed throughout the whole earth. Romans 9:17Jo-niC Declare and Wear founder Audrey J. Munoz is a native of Corpus Christi, Texas and a resident of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. She is a daughter, mother, employee, friend, sister, and most importantly a child of God.She openly and humbly shares how she weathers the storms of life, from the roots of a hurricane to her unforgettable landfall, navigating her way through the paths before her; the calm center of the storm or the whirlwind of a funnel that could ultimately destroy everything she touched. Her signature landfall was at the feet of the love of her life – GOD. From that day forward her new assignment (that she believes was bestowed upon her during her darkest, humbling, yet freeing moments) is to share her gift of the TRIOAs each of us has received a gift, minister it to one another. 1 Peter 4:10Speaking engagement options include the following:
    • Online event (Skype, Google Hangout, YouTube Live, etc.)
    • Church service, university chapel service, or club meeting
    • Guest speaker at a special event, corporate event, gala, or fundraising dinner
  2. Book a Jo-niC fundraiser by hosting a TRIO trunk show highlighting Jo-niC’s scripture-inspired jewelry accessories, with 25% of profits benefiting your organization. This can be a casual get together in your home or a larger pop-up shop at a church, retail, charitable event, or public setting. TRIO Xpressionz are unique biblical-referenced declarable & wearable accessories. Each is designed with 3 elements to express 3 traits: True-faith (metal), Rare-honesty (pearls) and Iconic-beads (individuality). When worn together it creates an expression worth declaring and wearing: Oh… I am!
  3. Become a Jo-niC TRIO retailer. Jo-niC offers exclusive wholesale pricing to faith-based gift shops, church gift shops and /or specialty boutiques.